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AJ Foyt’s waste disposal services will remove all of your nonhazardous and hazardous materials of your project.


Waste Disposal Company

Dependable Local Service

Our services are professional and efficient with very competitive rates. It’s important to us that our services are environmentally safe for a clean and healthy community. We deliver any dumpster containers or other equipment needed to dispose of your waste.  We do every job with professionalism and efficiency so not only can we do the job quickly for you, your community, but also keep our crew safe.

Scheduling is easy. We value integrity and transparency, so there will never be any hidden fees. We offer waste disposal services for residential, commercial, and industrial waste.  Give us a call for estimates and we can give you a full cost breakdown based on your project needs.

Waste disposal service for home renovations, garage clean out, and other diy projects.
Waste disposal services for industrial, commercial, government, academic and healthcare type waste.

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